Making An iPhone Kid Safe

We can safely say that modern children are born with technologу in their hands. And the iPhone has become one of the most popular devices among a wide range of ages. However, while allowing children to use a smartphone, parents need to be vigilаnt at all times to keep their children safe. Therefore, parental controls iPhone settings become an important task for every conscious parent. Below, we will discuss various ways to make an iPhone for kids safe.  In particular, how to put parental controls on the iPhone, restrict access to certain content, and track the child’s activity.

Setting Up Parental Controls

The first thing you should do to ensure your child’s safety when using a smartphоne is to set up iPhone parental controls. This includes activating the feature that allows you to:

  • set restrictions on the use of applications,
  • track the time spent with the phone.

How To Set Up Parental Controls On Iphone

To understand how to put parental controls on iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to the Screen time section
  • Click Turn on screen time and follow the instructions
  • Set a password for parental controls that your child will not know
  • Select the option This is my iPhone or This is my child’s iPhone

After activation, you can:

  • set restrictions on the use of applications,
  • prohibit purchases through the App Store,
  • track your child’s activity.

If you have previouslу hidden some apps from your child and now want to return them to a visible place, you may need to learn how to unhide apps on iPhone.  You can restore access to hidden apps on iPhone through the settings or by finding information on specialized resources on how to do it. Revealing hidden apps will allow your child to use the programs that they may need at some point in time. By using secret iPhone settings, you can effectively manage which apps are available to your child and ensure their safety.

Setting Up iPhone for Kids


For added security, it’s important to set up an iPhone for kids appropriately. This includes both content restrictions and age restrictions.

Content Restrictions

iPhone restrictions allow you to set limits on the content your child can view. This includes:

  • selecting restrictions for music, movies, and podcasts,
  • restricting shopping opportunities,
  • blocking adult websites.

Age Restrictions

Setting age restrictions on apps will help protect your child from inappropriate content. To do this, do the following.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then Screen time
  • Click Content and privacy restrictions
  • Select Content restrictions
  • Set age restrictions for apps, movies, books, etc.

Tracking Your Child’s Activity

For extra security, it is essential to know and understand how to monitor kids iPhone to have an idea of how your child is using their device. You can do this with a variety of tools and apps.

Using Built-in Features

Thanks to the built-in features, which we can describe in other words as a parental lock on the iPhone, you will restrict the use of certain features.

You can:

  • set up notifications for your child’s activity,
  • view usage reports for apps and websites.

Additional Tracking Apps

There are various apps that help parents track their child’s phone activity. These apps can provide detailed information about:

  • location,
  • app usage,
  • web browsing.

Therefore, by downloading parental control apps, you can get more detailed information and monitor kids iPhone.

Among them are the most famous:

  • Qustodio
  • FamilyTime
  • Norton Family
  • Bark
  • OurPact
  • Aura
  • Net Nanny
  • Mobicip

Bark specializes in monitoring social media and messages. It also provides other parental control features, such as:

  • tracking messages on social media and communication apps,
  • monitoring app usage and web browsing,
  • location tracking,
  • notifications about potentially dangerous activities or content.

FamilyTime has the following features:

  • location tracking,
  • monitoring application usage and time spent in applications,
  • setting restrictions on applications and content,
  • sending SOS messages in case of emergency.

OurPact allows parents to manage their child’s screen time and track their iPhone activity, including:

  • setting schedules for using applications,
  • tracking the child’s location,
  • monitoring the use of applications,
  • filtering web content.

So, as we can see, iPhone parental settings allow users to customize various settings to make the phone safer for their children. And the use of apps will help parents to be sure that their children are using their phones safely and will also allow them to effectively control and restrict access to unwanted content.

The Obvious Outcome

Ensuring the safety of children when they use their gadgets is a very important task for parents, especially nowadays – a time of openness and permissiveness that often borders on the limits of reason. By using various functions, both built-in and app-based, setting up restrictions and tracking activity, parents can significantly reduce the risks associated with using a smartphone. Proper parental settings on the iPhone will help protect the child from unwanted content and ensure safe and, most importantly, beneficial use of technology.